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WORX WG650 Snowblower/Snow Thrower

If you’ve been wanting a powerful snow thrower that won’t hurt your pocket as much, you should try the WORX WG650 snowblower. This snow thrower will help you get through the winter with clear patios, pathways and driveways with so much ease. The WORX WG650 Snowblower has a powerful 13 amp motor that can easily handle 18 x 9 inches of snow. It is also built with a 180-degree chute that you can rotate. It can shoot the snow to up to 30 feet. It’s adjustable; it has 3 levels that can give you the comfort you desire. It’s handlebars can easily be folded, so it’s compact and ready for easy storage. It is also built with oversized chute adjusters, so that you can easily adjust it even with gloves on. It has wheels that make it easy for you to move it around.

Great Performance

The WORX WG650 snowblower can really be compared to those heavy-duty, gas operated snow throwers. It can throw snow as far as 30 feet away, and can clear your driveway in minutes! Also, it can easily go through 18 inches wide, by 9 inches deep – you never need to do the same path twice! Most importantly, it has a chute that can rotate 180 degrees, to make sure that the snow that it shoots out wouldn’t be in your way.

Easy to use, easy to store

The WORX WG650 snowblower is very convenient because it works just like the bigger machines. All you need to do is plug it in the socket, push the “on” button, and presto – you have a snow thrower that’s built for the kill. It was also built with oversized chute adjusters that won’t give you a hard time to turn when you’re wearing snow gloves. It has wheels so it is very easy to maneuver and bring from one place to another. Also, it has a collapsible handlebar that doesn’t take a genius to figure out! Since it is foldable, you can easily store it in pantries or cabinets. It can even go under your shelf in the garage!

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WORX WG650 Snowblower Features and Specifications:

  • WORX WG650 Engine: 13 Amp Electric
  • 18 inch clearing width
  • 9 inch snow cut depth
  • 30-foot throw distance
  • 180-degree adjustable chute with oversized handles
  • Quick clamps for handlebar adjustment and assembly
  • Handlebar mounted chute control
  • Collapsible tool-less handlebar

WORX WG650 Snowblower Reviews:

Just from the product description, you would know that the WORX WG650 Snowblower is a fine machine, however, let the reviews of other users convince you even more! They are very happy that a small machine is as well built as it is. One customer even commented, “As it was going so well, I ended up going 4 houses down of my neighbors and clearing their sidewalk also. ” This just proves how great the WORX WG650 Snowblower is!

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We fully recommend this snowblower.

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