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Poulan Pro PR6R24ES Gas Powered Two-Stage Snowblower/Snow Thrower

The Poulan Pro PR6R24ES snowblower/snow thrower features a powerful engine and 24 in coverage that makes it well suited for clearing residential driveways and sidewalks in light to moderate snowfall conditions. This model is capable of electric start when connected to an outlet with an included power cord; it also supports manual recoil starting when an electrical outlet is not accessible. Deeply threaded 13” tires give extra traction for maneuverability. The Poulan Pro PR624ES has a wide 24”X23” intake works with the 2 stage design to enable greater capacity and longer throwing distance. The adjustable skid plate enable changes to the height of the scraper bar to adapt to different surfaces such as ice, dirt and concrete. A conveniently located control panel allows for easy control of the major functionalities of this unit. Additionally, the Poulan Pro PR6R24ES snowblower/snow thrower is equipped with flood light to enable continued use in low light conditions.

The Pro PR6R24ES is one of a line of Poulan 2 stage gas snowblowers that are very highly rated. These snowblower have similar features but offer different intake sizes, coming with additional clearing widths of 27 (Poulan Pro PR6R27ES) and 30 (Poulan Pro PR291E30) inches.

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Poulan Pro Snowblower Family Features and Specifications

Product Feature PR6R24ES PR6R27ES PR291E30
Weight 240 lbs 305 lbs 285 lbs
Engine 208cc OHV 208cc OHV 291cc OHV
Clearing width 24 in 27 in 30 in
Auger/Impeller 12 in Auger & Impeller 12 in Auger & Impeller 12 in Auger & Impeller
Intake Size 24in width X 23in height 27in width X 23in height 30in width X 23in heigth
Tire Size 13in X 5in 16in X 4in 16in X 5in
Electric Start Yes Yes Yes
Headlight Flood Flood Flood

 Poulan Pro Reviews

Poulan Pro PR6R27ES 27 in Snowblower

Poulan Pro PR6R27ES

The reviews for the Poulan Pro PR624ES snowblower/snow thrower are very positive. The few negative comments come from problems with order fulfillment and not from the actual performance of this snowblower/snow thrower. Most users are very happy with the ease of unpacking and assembling the unit before use. Users were also pleased with the features included like the headlights and excellent control mechanism. The Poulan Pro PR6R24ES snowblower/snow thrower performed well for residential use with positive comments coming from heavy snowfall areas like Western New York. All of these Poulan Snowblowers: Pro PR6R24ES, Pro PR8R27ES and Pro PR291E30, are very high rated by users in online reviews on websites like Amazon. Some of the points that sticks out in the reviews include the power of the engine, reliability of the unit and the sturdy construction of the various parts.

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PR6R24ES 24 in Snowblower

PR6R27ES 27 in Snowblower

PR291E30 30 in Snowblower

Given the positive reviews and comments of users, we recommend the Poulan Pro line of two-stage snowblowers for those who face more challenging snowfall.

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